International Pigeon Clubs and International Organizations


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Club Name Country Website
Asociacion Colombofila General Pueyrredon Argentina
South Australia Homing Pigeon Association Australia
Various club listing contacts and phone numbers Australia
Pigeon Club Austria South Austria
Royale Federation Colombophile Belge Belgium:
Canadian Racing Pigeon Union Canada
Racing Pigeons of China China
Czech Racing Pigeon Organization Czech Republic
De danske Brevdueforeninger Denmark
FederationColombophile Francaise France
Verband Deutscher Breiftaubenliebhaber Germany
Royal Pigeon Racing Association Great Britain
Nederlandse Postduiven houders Organisatie Holland (The Netherlands)
Hungarian Racing Pigeon Organization Hungary
Irish Homing Union Ireland
Federazione Colombofila Italiana Italy
Japan Racing Pigeon Association Japan
Malta Racing Pigeons Malta
Norges Brevdue Forbund Norway
The Philippine Homing Pigeon Association Philippines
Philippine Pigeon Racing Association Philippines
Polish Association of Racing Pigeon Breeders (PZHGP) Poland
Federacao Portuguesa de Columbofilia Portugal
Pigeon Club Romania Romania
Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation South Africa
Royal Racing Pigeon Asso. U.K. England
Scottish Homing Union U.K. Scotland
Welsh Homing Pigeon Union U.K. Wales
National Flying Club U.K
American Racing Pigeon Union (AU) U.S.A.
International Federation of Homing Pigeon Fanciers (IF) U.S.A.

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