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Name Contact Info State Breeds for Sale/Wanted Website Contact Info
Roger Lizotte 207 212 9185 ME Hi i have poms and Reverswing pouters for sale you can call for more info, thanks Roger
Vinny Zaffarese 732 856-0272 NJ White Bar Tipplers, Flying Flights. Budapest Hi-Fliers and German Bronzee Tipplers for Sale. $15 and up.
Alan Payne 270-926-4863 KY Racing Homers for sale at $10.00 each,nice birds,need to reduce population.
Juan Torres 203.558.2331 CT Hobby breeder of several breeds of pigeons including some hard to find ones. German beauties including the ancient mutation ribbon tails from early German imports. Polish magpies from imports-ancient tumblers both plain caps-pygmy pouters-Valencia figuritas-Portuguese tumblers all colors-archangels-short face Budapest-gansels-picazuros-olives etc.
KEITH BABER 510-315-1238 CA KS is a new online pigeon supplies store in Northern California. Check us out!
Corey CA Brunner Pouters for sale in white, black, bluebar, silver, mealy and grizzle. Priced at $25 each. All from Clinton stock. Buyer to pay all shipping costs
Ed Taylor 541-938-3726 OR Birmingham Rollers of character and distinction. High velocity spinners FOR SALE. Consistently groused and muffed. Bloodlines from D.Stephens,JL Smith,S.Plona,T.Hatcher and T.Roberts.
Corey Hays CA Chinese Owls....white and some white with slight mismarks. 8 birds total. Selling all for $200, price includes box and shipping.
Louis Gurino 352 895 4420 FL For Sale: Vienna Highflyer (stork marked), Danzig Highflyer,Russian Polish Highflyer (Galician Highflyer) Lucerne Gold Collars Barred and Bar less Capuchines,Reversewing Pouters, Romanian Naked-Neck Tumble red and yellow, Aachen Lacquer Shield Owls,Bernhardin Magpie, Italian Owls,Jacobins, American Fantails white,Plain Headed Helmets,Egyptian Swifts,Zitterhals, South German Shields,Elster purzler,Seraphim have a few other breeds not listed Located in central Florida Call or Text Lou @ 352 895 4420 NY Please see the link for photos of the birds I have for sale, ALL 2015 birds!
Darrell Steinke 308-379-8485 NE hi I have American show racers for sale excellent quality blue bar blue check only males very resonably priced
Robert Dobler 814-720-3732 PA Looking to purchase some Indian Fantails can anyone help find some breeders
Ron CA hello I'm looking for cream barred Utility King pigeons. Please help. I really appreciated. Ron
Alan Payne 270-926-4863 Ky looking for 2 or 3 pairs of single or double performing parlor tumblers.
James Celano 352-835-8791 FL buy yellow Lahore Pigeons, Yellow Bar Moon Pigeons, Saxson Yellow White Bar Shields and Large Homing Pigeon Hens... E-mail
Jim 352-835-8791 FL Want to buy Australian Saddleback Tumblers in the USA...
Jim Celano 352-835-8791 FL Want large racing homer HEN' bar or blue check.. No splashes or white in them...with the violet peral eye color...text or call 352-835-8791.... Jim
Rhonda 817-933-0961 TX Racing homers available. Young bird kit of 10 $250.00. Pedigreed young birds starting at $35.00 and up each.
Hal Lamb 813-720-4471 FL Oriental Frill Blondinettes - Modern Short Face (no COF) - Show Quality Blonds from Master Breeder Stock - Black Lace, Frosted Black Lace, Brown Lace, Red Lace, Khaki Lace, Silver Lace, subject to availability - Top Quality Birds Worth Every Penny!

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